I received brand new bulk ASUS DRW-1814BL device at my work today. Company needs that to burn some discs with our software. After burning simple discs and writing labels by hand for a few years now guys decided to "to go with a flow" of hi-tech (-: and jump to lightscribe discs.
So I replaced old device, which was not so old, but had no lightsribe possibility, with a new one. Burning worked with now hiccups and I decided to try creating, writing first disc label. Guess what... it was not as easy as I thought in the first place. I downloaded every bit of a software from lightscribe site, installed it, but only then I realized that there is no application to create/edit/print image on special layer of a disc. (I bet I would find some kind of application right away if the device was not bulk.) So I tried searching the Web for it. All I found were demo or trial versions so I decided to go with a latest SureThing CD Labeler trial version cause it allowed me to use it for about one month. Then I thought that there must be some free software. I found tons of free disc label creators, but non of them had writing to lighscribe layer function. After browsing for a half an our I found (again) SureThing CD Labeler 4.0 which was somewhat free at that time.
I hope that this piece of software will fit your needs as it did for me.