CUE sheet for Worldwide Gilles Peterson Show On BBC Radio 1 (2009-11-18)

Sorry for some delay, but official BBC Radio 1 website got new looks and I couldn't find official tracklist for some time. I don't know how good that redesign is, but I must say that copy/paste thing worked better with older and more text based version of a tracklist. Big thanks goes to Thomas of Core News for his plain simple article with old fashioned artist-song-label formated text.
You can find 2 hour long audio file (with links to few mirrors) here and my homemade CUE sheet is waiting to be downloaded from here.
P.S. I had my doubts about last song by Lone so feel free to fix your copy of *.cue file and inform me.
I added some songs that were available on Youtube to a playlist posted below: