Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (Goof)

I am a huge Battlestar Galactica TV series fan. I saw every episode, every movie that was released to public. The latest one was called "The Plan" and I managed to watch it few days ago. This movie was not even partially interesting as the series was though. "The Plan" looked like lengthy filler episode to me, but maybe I misunderstood something. Let me show you one interesting goof that I've noticed. Discontinue further reading if you're afraid of possible spoilers.
So there was this scene involving admiral Adama talking about Cylon model #6. She managed to escape from her pursuers after they discovered that sexy blond was really a sleeper agent among them. She even left her glasses on a table in Adama's bridge. Old man found them lying there.What's so runny about that, you ask? Well, you can clearly see words "Venus Eye Design V-07" written on the inner side of these glasses (see the picture below). The question is how did a Cylon spy manage to get something made on Earth? (-: