CUE sheet for Worldwide Gilles Peterson Show On BBC Radio 1 (2009-11-25)

Gilles compiled nice playlist, as usual. I would point my finger to Brother Ali, Wish I Didn't Miss You remix by Gatto Viola and Damian Schwartz & Guti tunes if someone asked my opinion about top 3 tracks from latest show. Two of these tracks can be found in a Youtube playlist inspired by 25/11/2009 tracklist. Just click the button and enjoy! And if you're interested in full-length show, go to alldj.org website and grab it from any available mirror. I think that my CUE sheet works for this version of mp3 file too. You just need to fix third line of *.cue file accoring to the name of an mp3 file that you have downloaded.
Youtube playlist:


CUE sheet for Worldwide Gilles Peterson Show On BBC Radio 1 (2009-11-18)

Sorry for some delay, but official BBC Radio 1 website got new looks and I couldn't find official tracklist for some time. I don't know how good that redesign is, but I must say that copy/paste thing worked better with older and more text based version of a tracklist. Big thanks goes to Thomas of Core News for his plain simple article with old fashioned artist-song-label formated text.
You can find 2 hour long audio file (with links to few mirrors) here and my homemade CUE sheet is waiting to be downloaded from here.
P.S. I had my doubts about last song by Lone so feel free to fix your copy of *.cue file and inform me.
I added some songs that were available on Youtube to a playlist posted below:


CUE sheet for Worldwide Gilles Peterson Show On BBC Radio 1 (2009-11-11)

One person contacted me with a certain request for CUE sheet of recorded Gilles' WorldWide show after I left a comment on Core News. I haven't posted any actual playlists since 2009-07-16 as I thought it had received too little (or none) attention from possible music lovers. I know that my presumption was wrong and even one guy is worth publishing every CUE sheet that I make.
Articles and blog entries about recent WorldWide show with download links can be found at Core News or alldj.org. My *.cue was made according a track from alldj.org though I think that both sources direct to the same record.
And here is Youtube playlist to get to know what was aired last wednesday on BBC Radio 1 that night by Gilles and his friends:


Fixing proftpd in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

Most of Ubuntu fans and users already know that a new version of this wonderful operating system was released on 29 October 2009. Karmic Koala (a fancy name isn't it?) has lots of new features and improvements, but I will not bother to list them here cause this blog entry is not about that. Just navigate to an official webpage if you want to find out more about Ubuntu 9.10.
I have a long history of using various Ubuntu versions on my private SSH/HTTP/FTP/etc box and wonderful tool do-release-upgrade was already installed. I didn't actualy remember any major problems migrating from older versions of Ubuntu so I typed sudo do-release-upgrade and hit enter. Process of migrating from Jackalope to Koala went as smooth as a breeze although I was upgrading through an SSH session.
Logging in to the system was succesful after issuing a required reboot. I started screen (somehow all tweaks and bits like status line in a bottom of terminal windows were gone), created few virtual windows and ran usual programs such as rtorrent, Midnight Commander, silc, irssi, nano editor etc. Everything just worked...
... for a several days. I received IM from a friend of mine then. He was wondering why my FTP was down. Interesting part was that proftpd config files and default directories were there, but running sudo /etc/init.d/proftpd start|stop|restart failed everytime with no output whatsoever. It seemed like actual software just wasn't installed at all. sudo apt-cache search proftpd showed me that proftpd package is called by a different name - proftpd-basic - now (as opposed to proftpd in Ubuntu 9.04). sudo apt-get install proftpd-basic was next step but proftpd -n showed an error:
Failed binding to, port 21: Address already in use
Check the ServerType directive to ensure you are configured correctly.
After googling arround I found that possible solution for this problem can be switching FTP daemon from standalone to inetd mode in configuration file /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf at ServerType directive. I edited corresponding line in a proftpd configuration file mentioned above and restarted server with sudo reboot. This helped bringing FTP service back to life.
I hope these simple tips and tricks will help you too!

Skype įkūrėjai pagaliau pasidavė (?)

Šiandien, lapkričio 6 d., kompanija eBay pranešė, kad konfliktas kilęs su VoIP paslaugos Skype įkūrėjais pagaliau išspręstas ir kliūčių, anksčiau varžiusių produkto pardavimą grupei galimų investuotojų, nebeliko.
Pagal abipusį susitarimą Skype steigėjams Niklasui Zennströmui ir Janusui Friisui atiteko 14% dydžio akcijų paketas, o už tai jie perduos kertinės bei svarbiausios P2P technologijos teises. Be to, sėkmingo pardavimo atveju Zennströmas ir Friisas taps Skype valdybos nariais.
Rugsėjo 1d. eBay sutiko parduoti 65% Skype akcijų dalį už 1,9 mlrd. dolerių pirkėjų grupei, kurią sudaro kapitalo fondas Andreessen Horowitz, privati investicijų firma Silver Lake ir kiti. Kaip atsakas į tai sekė Švedijos teismui pateiktas Skype įkūrėjų įmonės Joltid ieškinys dėl eBay veiksmų. Buvo siekiama, kad dėl neteisėto autorinės technologijos panaudojimo patirta žala būtų įvertinta 75 mln. dolerių už kiekvieną Skype veiklos dieną.
Taikaus ginčo išsprendimo atveju užsispyrėlių Zennströmo ir Friiso tandemas atsisakys bet kokių priekaištų prieš eBay ir būsimus pirkėjus. Taip pat paskelbta informacija apie jų ryžtą tobulinti naująją Skype versiją manais į suteiktą projekto akcijų dalį. Manoma, jog šio abipusio susitarimo vykdymo tarpininku taps Atomico Ventures fondas.
Taigi, po sandorio sudarymo, investuotojų grupė kontroliuos 56%, kitos 30% akcijų liks eBay rankose, o 14% dalis priklausys Niklasui Zennströmui ir Janusui Friisui. Galutinis sandoris bus baigtas slenkant paskutiniajam 2009 m. ketvirčiui.

(Šaltinis XAKEP)