CUE sheet for Worldwide Gilles Peterson Show On BBC Radio 1 (2009-11-11)

One person contacted me with a certain request for CUE sheet of recorded Gilles' WorldWide show after I left a comment on Core News. I haven't posted any actual playlists since 2009-07-16 as I thought it had received too little (or none) attention from possible music lovers. I know that my presumption was wrong and even one guy is worth publishing every CUE sheet that I make.
Articles and blog entries about recent WorldWide show with download links can be found at Core News or alldj.org. My *.cue was made according a track from alldj.org though I think that both sources direct to the same record.
And here is Youtube playlist to get to know what was aired last wednesday on BBC Radio 1 that night by Gilles and his friends: