Puzzle Bobble - entertaining colour-blind people since 1994

What do you do in your free time or short breaks between doing something (e.g. standing in a waiting line at the ATM)? I grab my cellphone and play simple and interesting games. There are lots of free Java based games for any model but I like puzzles the most. Puzzle Bobble is number 1 game in my list of favourites right now. I think you can get it from few sources in the Internet for free yet I don't remember where I got it from for myself. If you still don't remember this game go and play it then. ATTENTION! It's highly addictive.
So, an I idea about so called demotivational poster hit me while playing another round of Puzzle Bobble. Shooting coloured "bubbles" and receiving points is a main idea of a simple gameplay, but how would colour-blind person see this game? (-: