One step closer

Long time no see, my unborn readers! I want to sprinkle some of my joy of dust. I managed to get Lineage 2: Chatoic Chronicle 5 - Scions of Destiny to work on my Linux box. Hoorey! (x3) That's a huge step to totally forgeting about other (non free) OSes.


Tough day in paradise

Hey! I remembered posting something here last night just before I fell asleep. I even want to write few words now (strange isn't it?).
Well, after having a hard day at work my mind can rest while watching anime, browsing etc. Bad thing is that I will not have quality sleep this night again. Too warm and humid weather (22°C/72°F, 88%) causes awful, sweaty insomnia, gosh...


Have you ever had a feeling?..

Have you ever had a feeling that makes you wanna sit by the keyboard and write something useful, something that would be interesting to read? It's kinda funny cause after writing just a few simple sentences you, practically, have nothing to write about. That's what was bothering me for about four hours already. So, dilema which consists of two parts (to write about how it is hard to write about something interesting or to write about something interesting) was solved simply by chosing an easier way - to keep silence till another burst of my thoughts. Let me hope it will be very soon.