When is sharing caring enough?

One rather interesting thought came to me after watching TPB - AFK movie on Youtube. I will try formulating it in a written form here.
As you may already know or notice, huge part of big, Hollywood related media leans to the left in their political views. Social equalization through wealth redistribution is one of the main pillars of left ideology. In other words, you should share more if you earn more. Why does not Hollywood practice what they preach then? Media or record companies hunt and sue internet pirate site and/or software owners and users one by one. Media, be that music or movies (sourced mainly from Hollywood and its subsidiaries),  is money in some form so why harassing people who share or redistribute it among the masses for common good doesn't stop? I am not trying to vindicate internet pirates, but I really think that if Big Media is left it should be left all the way. It is hypocrisy otherwise.


- Kas yra klaustukas?
- Tai šauktukas senatvėje!



Pirmoji mūsiško verslo taisyklė: 30 litų kainuojančiu batus parduoti už 100 ir sakyti, kad tie 70% yra nuolaida.



Pasakyk man kas tavo draugai ir aš atsakysiu kaip giliai tu įklimpęs.



Nekeiksnokite Microsofto. Juk iš tikrųjų nenorite, kad kompiuteris taptų protingesnis už jus.



- Pasaulis mažas! - sušuko šprotas toje pačioje skardinėje pamatęs savo draugą.


Iki galo

- Aš manau, jog šiuo klausimu tau reikia eiti iki galo!
- Oho! Senai manęs taip dailiai velniop nesiuntė...