IPTV through udpxy (no igmproxy)


IPTV through udpxy (no igmproxy)

Some ISPs provide IPTV services. So does MegaNet (by Dokeda, UAB) that I am currently subscribed to. There are 14 TV stations listed on official website. You can access channels via IGMP addresses (e.g.,, ... if you have single computer connected to the Internet. Opening IP port 5000 for UDP traffic on your firewall is enough most of the time. But what to do if you have simple LAN dwelling at your place? I'll try to explain how to run IPTV on several home computers at a same time smoothly.
Ancient PC running Ubuntu 8.04.2 (a.k.a Hardy) is a gateway ( connected to ISP line through ethernet-to-optical adapter and does a great job NATing internet connection to other devices. Shorewall firewall is always up and running.
1) SSH to your router.
2) Open file /etc/shorewall/rules with nano text editor and root privileges
3) append these lines
ACCEPT all fw:
ACCEPT all net:
ACCEPT all loc:
4) Save file and close editor.
5) Restart shorewall firewall by issuing command sudo /etc/init.d/shorewall restart
6) Navigate to Udpxy at SourceForge and download latest package.
7) Extract, .\configure, make and make install it.
8) start udpxy daemon with udpxy -a eth1 -p 4022 -m eth0 (where eth0 is outer adapter)
9) all work on gateway is done, return to a computer you want IPTV to be watched on
10) create new *.pls file. Enter lines
11) Save file and close file.
12) Open playlist with VLC media player and enjoy brainwashing!
13) Repeat above steps 9-12 on every other PC hooked to your LAN.
14) Ask me if something goes wrong. (-:
Final thoughts: I chose udpxy way cause using igmproxy hogs wi-fi traffic.


Anonymous said...


Please, can you help me getting things going with udpxy and VLC.

I have installed udpxy_1.0-Chipmunk-11_mipsel.ipk to my WRT54GL Router with DD-WRT v24SP2. I connect then to the router
( with telnet and entered;
cd /jffs/opt/bin
./udpxy -p 81 -vTS

Then I opened VLC and enter the data;
When I click Play, it says "Cannot open...

receive buffer size set to [65536] bytes for socket [4]

set_multicast: setsockopt MCAST option:
ADD: No such device

Sent HTTP response code=[500], reason=[Service error] to socket=[7]

Child process=[5885] exits with rc=[-1]

*** Caught SIGCHLD in process=[5869] ***

Client [5885] has exited.

Deleted client: pid=[5885]

If I want to start udpxy with this:
./udpxy -a -p 81 -m eth0 -vTS


./udpxy -a -p 81 -m vlan1 -vTS

i get:
Invalid multicast address: [eth0]
Invalid multicast address: [vlan1]

What am I doing wrong?


izmaelis said...

Maybe you should check how ethernet devices on your router are called?
(but I don't actualy know how to do that apart trying ifconfig or smth)

Anonymous said...

When I enter ifconfig, I get;


If I start udpxy with -m br0 or br0:0 I get:

Sent HTTP response code=[200], reason=[O

Relaying traffic from socket[4] to socke
read_buf: read: Resource temporarily una

read_data - EOF
Exited relay loop: received=[-1], sent=[

multicast-group [DROP]
Mcast listener socket=[4] closed
Child process=[2449] exits with rc=[0]
*** Caught SIGCHLD in process=[2428] ***
Client [2449] has exited.
Deleted client: pid=[2449]

What could it be?

izmaelis said...

could you say wich one of listed in ifconfig devices is for LAN? In my case udpxy -a eth1 -p 4022 -m eth0 eth0 is one with IP from ISP and eth1 is one that makes NAT possible.

Anonymous said...

I will try a few combinations, I hope it wll work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem on my WRT610N router, that anonymous described? and the same interfaces used (br0 - bridged lan+vlan interfaces for local area network and eth2 for wan port) When I trying to input in command line interface name (br0 or eth2) UDPXY says, that interface unknown, when I trying to input IP adress, UDPXY starts, but not work with the same simptomes as in anonymous post... P.S. WRT610N v.2 with DD-WRT from EKO firmware

spacedvb said...

i have a server with udpxy installed lets called Server-UDPXY
has 2 NIC card eth0 is
eth1 I have not assign nothing yet.

I had in other server on the same Local network ip this server has
over 80 channels udp:// 238....lets call this server Multi-Server
do i have to use the 2nd NIC card from Serverudpxy to Multi-Servcer NIC Card 2

witch IP i can give to Server-UDPXY and Multi-Server on NIC 2? I will not like use on 1 nic card all outgoing and incoming bandwidth?? I now i have to put this NIC 2 on same Cisco Swtich where multi-Server is located to be able to see multicas info..

max95 said...

I have a similar problem with my Asus RT-N56U.
My interfaces are:

br0: bridge made of ra0, rail, eth2 (2 wifi radios and LAN switch)

eth3: WAN port with public IP

My providers sends multicast streams in a VLAN tagged with the id 295 and internet in an untagged VLAN. I have configured the router to sent 295 tagged traffic to port 4 on LAN.

My udpxy status shows

Server Process ID Accepting clients on Multicast address Active clients
576 1**.1**.1.*** 0

How do I get updxy to listen to traffic in the specific VLAN? I don't see a virtual interface in the ifconfig output ....



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